Oh Hey,

I’m Lathan J

A guy with an obsession for craft beer, Watches , and fun socks. I have way too many furkids and a wonderful wife. I began my photography adventure in high school making my first camera out of an oatmeal box, Seriously! I loved capturing all the amazing things life had to offer on film; but once smartphones came around everyone had a camera, skills were not needed to take a pretty picture, thanks to filters. I couldn't justify charging friends, family, and acquaintances an arm and a leg to take photos when anyone with a camera phone could do the same for free...or could they. After witnessing many blurred photos with poor editing, bad angles, red eyes and horrid lighting, I retracted my previous statement almost instantly. Not everyone with a camera or phone can take a great quality photo, one that will last generations and can be hung proudly in a home for all to see, or posted on social media, also for all to see. I love capturing moments; the good, the sad and the ones we wouldn't otherwise remember. It brings me pure joy to see my clients relive magical and life altering moments through my photography. After a few years of second shooting weddings and events with friends I have reconnected with my desire to capture beautiful and artistic moments that can be shared over and over again with those that we love. So I've dusted off, better yet, unwrapped my new gear and stepping up my photo game with the hopes of being a part of your next life adventure. You can catch me and my team shooting anywhere in California, Washington, or really anywhere you need us.

I would love to travel with you, contact me about destination discounts and donation services.